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Our company was established in the late 1970s, when the supply of additives for domestic paints was like a barren land, and we started to produce anti-settling agents and anti-foaming agents using domestic technology. 40 years later, we have matured into a leading domestic paint additive manufacturer producing matting agents, adhesion enhancers, and other special additives.

With the localization of raw materials in the domestic paint industry contributing to competitive edge, we are currently competing with world-leading additive companies.
In addition, through continuous investment, we have Yangju HQ, Seoul Office, Jeonju Factory so that we can produce the highest quality products in our effort to increase customer satisfaction.

Our R&D center strives to match global trends by developing eco-friendly products such as additives for low-toxic, VOC free, powder coatings, and is always doing its best for quality control and improvement to supply high quality products.

We will always do our best to respond quickly to various customer needs.

Hung San Hwa Sung CEOJeung Eui Kim

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